Monday, 16 January 2012

Printmaking Etching: Disaster

More printmaking, my etching for “disaster”. I was really happy with this, and so was Chris- the different marks came out really nicely and it looks quite dark, which I kinda like. The noise works well.
I’m really enjoying the printmaking work- I really feel like etching is fast becoming my favourite illustrative technique for my work. There is something quite beautiful and satisfying about the whole process, and the mark making ability of an etching plate continues to interest me. I never would have imagined 5 years ago that a true etching could produce such marks. Obviously, my introduction to etching at A Level was very lacking- we practised some weird attempt at a dry point etching on card, which the teacher insisted was “proper etching” and I hated every second of it. It was an awful experience and the final outcome looked awful too. But since starting uni, I’ve found that a true etching is much more spectacular and I will definitely be doing as much as I can of it from now on. I wish I could say the same for lino cutting…. maybe one day I’ll enjoy that as much as I do etching! Next on my list, screen print workshops. Not done that for a while :)

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